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How Can The Prince Of Peace Allow So Much Suffering?

One of the most popular questions asked amongst many atheists and Christians is why does God allow so much suffering? Our view of God is what we choose to focus on. I’m not suggesting that we focus on one character trait and ignore the other, but we must focus on the whole image of God. Like a camera lens if you are looking for beauty then your perception of beauty will be what you choose to focus on. If you focus your lens on a flower then your perception of beauty will be a flower. But, focusing the lens on one object causes a narrow view. Open up the lenses and focus on the whole garden as beauty not just one flower.

This is how we have to look at God. We cannot merely focus on suffering and make that the sum of God. We have to step back and focus on the whole character of God and then we will see how suffering works in His image.

Does a person who seems to have a perfect life with no worries come off as a person who has much compassion and understanding? No, most of these people act like snobs because they cannot relate to someone who is struggling. The Republican Party blames poor people for being lazy. Many poor people are not lazy but have come to the realization that to change their social status is too much of a trouble. They rather be content in their situation and find other means of happiness.

The Republican Party cannot sympathize with poor people because most of them have never been poor, or because some of them have a rags to riches story, so they believe that everyone else has the same opportunities. However, God, can sympathize with every form of suffering because he has experienced it. One of the worst forms of suffering is when children are the victims. At least in the American culture children are seen as the most innocent victims. Some people may ask how can there be a God if He allows children to die brutally such as the Newtown Elementary shooting in 2013.

God understands the pain of those childrens’ parents and the pain the community felt. God had lost His only son, Jesus, and He did not lose him by a school shooting; God offered His Son Jesus as a sacrifice for the love that he has for us. If you are experiencing pain from the death of a child or any love one then God knows the pain you are feeling more than anyone else.

If you think starvation is too much suffering then did Jesus not starve too? Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights. Some people may speculate that Jesus was God and he was able to fast without dying from starvation. Jesus did not die because he was God, but he did feel the pain of starvation because he was in human form. Jesus could have turned any stone into bread and any mountain into a flood of water, but he chose to discipline himself for the glory of God. One of God’s names is the Prince of Peace. How can a God who is accused of being lazy on suffering be crowned the Prince of Peace? This shows that there is a deeper meaning to the suffering that God allows than what meets the eye.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

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