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Will I Ever Get Married?

We see in movies all the time how two people meet and they fall in love, fight, fall in love again, and then get married. Every other factor of their lives seems to be irrelevant like their job title, family background, financial security, and personality compatibility. The only thing that the camera lens focus on is two attractive people sharing an emotional and physical connection that leads to a lifetime commitment. After the couple ties the knot the credits roll. We do not see the trials that the marriage goes through.

There is nothing wrong with that scenario for entertainment purposes. The issue is we sometimes take situations that should only be for entertainment and use them for our realities. There comes a time when the euphoria of love for your partner will sizzle away like boiling water in a cooking pot and you will need to know that in those moments you still married the right person. How do you know this? By marrying someone for more than love. Marrying someone because you share hobbies, short term and long term goals, financial security, and other things that are more important than just love.

When I think about getting married I think about if this is someone I want to be a partner with for the rest of my life. There will come a time when the wedding and honeymoon phase is over with and then comes the hard work of learning each other again. Both partners reveal more about themselves in a marriage than they did in a dating relationship because it is a new stage that brings new challenges and new challenges reveal new personality traits.

I don’t know if I will ever get married, and I’m not saying that as a hopeless romantic. I think of marriage as something fun, but I realize that those fun imaginations are all a part of the love euphoria phase. Eventually, marriages go from the feeling of arriving at a new amusement park to feeling like you rode all the rides so how are you going to make this amusement park amusing again? I would love to get married for all the fun factors of it, but I don’t know if I am mature enough to do all the hard work that keeps a marriage going.

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