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Success Requires A Long Time of Hard Work.

On your ladder to success you are not going to always climb favorable steps. Some of those steps will require you to step out of your comfort zone and do some work that isn’t particularly your style of labor. If you want to be an entrepreneur you may have to start off by following orders. If you want to be a master chef you may have to start as a dish washer. If you want to be the lead guitarist you may find yourself starting as the equipment carrier for a band.

I was reading Genesis 29:18, the story of Jacob and how he worked seven years for Laban to win his daughter in marriage . I don’t think any man today is willing to work seven years for one woman. It is too easy to find another date in this social media world. But we all can learn something by Jacob’s work ethic. Jaco’s work ethic is an example that the things we want most in life may not come as quickly and easy as we hope. It gives me courage to read Jacob’s story because it mirrors my own decision on how I will achieve success.

My dream job is to work in Human Resources. Its an office job, 9 to 5 work hours, and it offers good benefits. To work in Human Resources you will most likely need a college degree. I have a degree in English: Writing, which isn’t too contrast to the work I will be doing in HR, but I applied for many HR positions and was not offered an interview.

I didn’t have the money to go back to school for a masters degree in HR, so I wondered how would I gain the experience in HR if no one is willing to hire me. Then I found out that the Army offers a Human Resource job and I can apply for the job without any prior experience. The contract in the Army for an HR clerk is four years active duty.

I was not sure if I wanted to spend four years active in the Army. I had no knowledge of the military lifestyle. I joined the Army anyway because I knew that the skills I would learn will guarantee a position in HR when I get out of the military. So far, I have been enlisted at my current duty station for two months. The Army life is mostly what you make of it, but whenever I question myself if I made the right decision I think of Jacob and how he volunteered to work seven years for the woman he wanted. Just as I am working four years for the Army to achieve the dream job I want when I become a civilian again.

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