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The Day I Enjoyed Alcohol.

I have had alcohol before, I had four years of college experience at the University of Tennessee so that proved I’m not an amateur. But, I have never enjoyed alcohol in college because I always binged drink and being broke most of the time caused me to buy the cheap rum. It took a while for me to realize that all of those morning hangovers and stomach aches were not merely the result of drinking too much, but also a result of drinking cheap liquor.

Last night I bought a bottle of Hennessy. For some people that may still be cheap alcohol. Now, that I am a broke college graduate I think $30 for a bottle of alcohol is ballin’. My friends and I bought a 2 liter bottle of Coke for a mixer. My friend poured his share if Hennessy in his cup, and when I saw it I thought he had mixed it with Coke already because the cup was half full. But, he had not poured the Coke yet. My friend was binge drinking.

When I was an amateur drinker I poured too much alcohol in my cup not to binge drink, but because I did not know the right amount to taste the alcohol without being drunk after the second sip. This time I poured myself a small amount and filled the rest of my cup with Coke. It was a good mix because I was able to taste the alcohol and when I finished the cup I was not drunk. Neither was I tipsy because I sipped in moderation, instead of taking big gulps like how I did in college.

Last night I realized that drinking responsibly makes alcohol more enjoyable than drinking it like it’s water and you’re on a stranded island. My money feels more well spent because I have a lot more alcohol left to enjoy for another time than to empty a $30 bottle in one night. Drinking until I threw up and waking up with a hangover was never fun to me, and now I look at it as being immature.

In college I used to spend my drinking time laughing at all of my friends at how silly they acted while drinking. This time after my friends went home, I ate pizza and watched Netflix while drinking and it felt amazing. In college, my drinking time was spent with loud music and strip games. I did not know how much enjoyable it could be to have alcohol doing relaxing activities.

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