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Black Americans don’t Wait on God. We Wait on White People.

Last Sunday’s sermon title was, “Waiting on God, Your Best is yet to Come. The key words in that title is Your and Yet. Your means that the Pastor was speaking to us individually. Our best isn’t yet to come as a Black race. Our best isn’t yet to come as a nation. Our best is yet to come individually at individual times.

Yet means that our best isn’t here and now. Even if you think you’re living your best here and now, God has something better coming.

As a Black man, I’m tired of being told to wait, persevere, and have endurance because it’s not God we’re waiting on; it’s white people.

Black Americans waited for white people to free them from slavery. Black Americans didn’t have a divine intervention like the Israelites did in the Hebrew Bible. God freed the Israelites when the Egyptians didn’t want to free their slaves. Black Americans were freed when enough white people wanted us free.

And then Black Americans had to wait for white people to end segregation. We wait for white people to fund our education systems. We wait for white people to judge us in court only to conclude with a harsher sentence than white people for the same crime. We’re waiting for white people to abolish the police force, a force that has a long history of profiling and abusing the Black community. We waited for white people to vote for our first Black President. We wait for white people to determine which Black actors deserve an Oscar.

Every blessing that the Black race has received has been on the white man’s time. We haven’t received reparations because white people haven’t made the time for it.

I don’t believe in equality. Everything is competitive. No matter how far Black Americans come, white people will always find a way to stay on top. White people fear equality. They fear Us. What has white people done to right any of the wrongs they have done to the Black race? They give one thing and take another. They took off the shackles of slavery just to put us in prisons.

Equality is impossible because once everything in America is on an equal playing field, Black people will eventually take over. Hard work is in our genes. Our ancestors worked until their death. White people only know how to rely on someone else to do the labor. This is why white people don’t feel proud of being from the ghetto as Black people do. Struggle feels foreign to white people. White people believe struggle is made for Us.

This is why the majority of American sport team owners are white while the majority of athletes are Black. It’s a blessing for Black Americans to obtain a life of wealth and popularity, but it’s their bodies that wear and tear on the fields while the white owners stay rich and well until they die.

78% of billionaires in America are white. 8% of billionaires are Black. How is that when Black slaves were responsible for rise of capitalism from working the sugar and cotton fields? Because Black slaves did the labor while white plantation owners reaped all the benefits.

  This whole Black Lives Matter thing is a testament that Black people don’t’ get anything until the white man says so. If Black people want to abolish the police then why hasn’t that happened yet? How come when Black Americans want something gone in America it doesn’t go away when we want it to? We have to wait for the white man’s agreement.

Black and white people in America are like a child and their parent. When a child ask for a new toy their parent usually tells them they can wait until their birthday or Christmas to get it. If parents gave everything their child wanted when they wanted it then how would they establish rule over their child?

White people are just starting to reform the police after decades of evidence of police brutality against Black people. But white people get to storm the Capitol because they can’t wait for the final count of votes. These same people get told that they’re great people and that they’re loved by the President of the United States.  

For Black people in America, we don’t wait on God. We wait on white people.

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