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Why I’m Considering Switching To The PS5.

I currently own a gaming PC, Xbox One X, and a PS4 Pro. My primary gaming system is my Xbox One X. I been gaming on Xbox since the Xbox 360. I bought a PS4 just to play PlayStation exclusives.

After putting some thought into it I decided that the PS5 is the better investment.

So far we know that the Series X is a more powerful console than the PS5, but how much is that going to really matter? The Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro but the majority of games are optimized the same. Any time I read an article about how games run differently on both consoles the article always said that the game ran the same on both consoles or that there was only a few FPS difference so you really couldn’t tell. And Tekken 7 got a 1080p upgrade for the PS4 Pro. The developers said that the Xbox One X was too powerful to upgrade from 720p. There is no point in having a more powerful console if developers don’t have the tools to take advantage of the hardware.

It’s up to developers on how they want to optimize their games for the two consoles and most developers are not going to make their games any different just because the Series X is more powerful. I mainly see developers using the advantage of the Series X power for Xbox exclusive games.

Speaking of exclusives. Another reason to go with the PS5 is because all of Xbox exclusive games are released on PC. The only high anticipated Xbox exclusive game coming out this year is Halo Infinite and the game is going to release on Windows too. It’ll be better to play on PC because I can switch from controller to mouse and keyboard.

Gaming PCs are still more powerful than the Xbox Series X. Like why do I need an Xbox Series X to play games in 120 FPS when I can already do that on my PC? On the Xbox One X I can choose between playing Forza Horizon 4 on 4K resolution at 30 FPS or 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. A gaming PC can beat both options. I have a 2070 Max-Q GPU and I’m getting between 80-100 FPS on max graphics settings at 1080p. If I had a gaming desktop with a 2080 super GPU I could play Forza at 4K 60 FPS or higher.

Lastly, most people choose the console that most of their friends are on. I don’t really have gaming friends. I play with one person or 2 people on the PS4 and I play with 1 or 2 people on the Xbox. Friends are not a factor in my choice.

And to put the cherry on top, the PS5 looks better than the Series X. The design of the console looks great and I’m excited to see the new features on the DuelShock controller. The Series X is just a black box and the only change to the controller is an added share button that adds more accessibility but gamers who own an Elite controller already solved that problem. I use one of my back peddles to record and share.

The only people I can understand who are going for the Series X are those who do not own a gaming PC. Even if most of your friends own an Xbox, these days most multiplayer games are crossplay so you can add your friends who play on PlayStation and PC.

Although, another factor to consider is how much money have I already invested in each console. The majority of my games are on Xbox. I bought the Elite Series 1 & 2 controllers for Xbox. I have a pair of $300 headphones for Xbox and a $120 mixamp for Xbox. I don’t want all of my investments do go down the drain by switching consoles.

At the end of the day I’m more than likely to buy both consoles just like I have both consoles now. The differences may be that I get the most powerful Xbox and buy the digital only PS5. Or, just buy the Series X and play PlayStation exclusives on my PS4 Pro until they stop developing games for the PS4 Pro.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

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