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What Am I Anxious For?

During this pandemic it’s easy to wake up feel anxious about the present and future. Even for people who are doing pretty good have worries and what the future holds. But, during my feelings of anxiety I thought about Jesus.

From the day we are born we are dying. I know that’s a cynical way of looking at life but it’s a fact. At least we don’t know the time and day that we’re going to die. Even for people who have terminal illnesses and know that their life is limited still don’t know the exact day they’re going to die. Besides there are plenty of stories of doctors telling patients how much time they have left on earth and they end up living beyond that because God has the last say so.

The only people I can think of who know the exact time and day that they will die are prisoners on death row, but they didn’t know that from the day they were born.  

Jesus knew the exact time and day that he would die a gruesome death from the day he was born, but we don’t read about Jesus living a life filled with worry and anxiety.

Imagine a world where from the day you’re born you’re given a birth certificate, and a death certificate that says the age your going to die and how you’re going to die. I turn 30 years old in August, so if I died at the same age Jesus died that means I have three years left on earth.

Imagine having to wake up every day knowing I got three years left and the next few years will be completely different due to COVID-19. That would cause an anxiety attack that could put someone in the hospital.

I’m not saying that we have nothing to be anxious for but thinking about how Jesus knew the day he would die and still lived his best life is something to think about when we’re feeling emotions of anxiety.

I’ve come to find that the majority of stuff I have worried about didn’t end up as bad as I thought it would. Because when we think about the worst case scenario we do something to prevent that. Most of my worst problems came unexpectedly. So the next time I’m feeling anxious about something I can at least thank God that I don’t have to look forward to being whipped to the point that my face is unrecognizable and being nailed to a cross for committing no crimes.

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