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How to be Organized.

I’m not someone who is known to have attention to detail or to be organized. But throughout my career I have learned how to become more organized and detail oriented. Forgetting tasks at your job or chores to do around the house doesn’t mean that you’re lazy or that you have short memory syndrome. It just means that you need tools and reevaluate your character traits to help you focus and get things done.

I’m a laidback type of person. I tend to go with the flow and wake up in the morning hoping for the best. Being laidback and quiet got me through college, but it isn’t working out that much for me in my professional career. There are certain types of personality that is expected to achieve the higher positions in the workforce: assertive, detail oriented, go get results by any means necessary, etc etc.

I’m not saying that I have to completely change who I am, but I do believe that I have to be more than just myself in certain situations like at work if I want to move into leadership roles.

The first thing that helped me become more organized is having a planner. I have a planner for the 2020 calendar year, and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Whenever a task comes to mind that is important to accomplish, I write it down. When I complete the task, I put a check mark next to it to know that it’s done.

A planner has made my life easier. I no longer have anxiety trying to remember all the important tasks to complete. I refer to my planner to remind me of what needs to be done. And putting check marks next to completed tasks gives me a motivation boost to know that I accomplished something and now I’m excited to tackle the next task. I even use my planner to accomplish tasks at home. Like last Saturday I clean the bathroom at 7:00am because I wrote it down that Friday and I felt motivated to get up and complete something on my To Do list.

Another thing to help with organization is to find something enjoyable about your task. If you enjoy what you do for a living then organization comes more natural when you look forward to the tasks to accomplish. But if you’re like me and your current profession is just a means to an end then you need a planner and a battle rhythm to get things done. Really nothing motivates me more to get a task complete than knowing that I’ll be left alone.

Good job performance is one of the driving factors in your workplace happiness. Therefore, work hard no matter what your profession is. I look back on my military career and there were plenty of times where I could have worked harder and smarter but I was reluctant because I just wanted to stay lowkey and ride out my contract to the end. But I also realized that there were many times that I could have been less stressed if I had taken the initiative to be more organized and driven.

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