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The F**K Is A Peaceful Protest?

I was riding in the car with a white boy and somehow the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement came into a conversation. White boy said that he doesn’t think BLM is a peaceful protest.

I’m like, what the fuck is a peaceful protest? First of all, of course your weak white ass doesn’t think it’s a peaceful protest. White people get scared anytime Black people speak up and act on how we’re mistreated. Whypeepbowl know when they do wrong and they’re so scared of the day when Black people just snap on they ass.

But anyway, debating whether a protest is peaceful is stupid. The whole purpose of a protest is because a group of people have no peace because they are not receiving what they want. People don’t protest when they’re happy and getting what they want. People protest when they’re fed up about not receiving what they believe they rightfully deserve.

Whypeepbowl don’t peacefully protest when they’re scared that their weak white race will go extinct. Homosexuals don’t peacefully protest because it’s unjust that they can’t legally marry. And Black people are not going to peacefully protest when we’re fed up with innocent and unarmed Black people are being shot dead by the police.

What would a peaceful protest look like? People marching in the street smiling and demanding what they want quietly?

I guess people consider a peaceful protest when the protesters are not armed with weapons with the intent on hurting or killing people.

1 comment on “The F**K Is A Peaceful Protest?

  1. I don’t believe the KKK Rallies are peaceful, do you? And what could they possibly be upset about, African Americans won’t stop protesting about their racist cruelties?


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