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Stop Living in the Past.

I watched both of Soulja Boy’s hour-long interviews on The Breakfast Club and Everyday Struggles. Soulja been in the rap game since 2007 and it was his first time being on the Breakfast Club because he made an IG video about him having the best comeback in 2018 instead of Tyga. Soulja finally got a spot on the Breakfast Club because he stole the spotlight from someone else.

Soulja spent the whole hour on the Breakfast Club ranting about how de deserves respect, how many rappers he put on, how rappers stole his flow. Soulja tried to make himself relevant with irrelevant things. Nobody else in the rap game is running around screaming about all the artist they put on. You don’t hear Dr. Dre boasting about how he put 50 Cent and Eminem on. You don’t hear P. Diddy boasting about how he put Biggie on. You don’t hear Birdman boasting about how he put Lil Wayne on, who is arguable one of the top ten rappers in Hip Hop history. Soulja said that he the reason Chief Keef and Lil Pump are in the rap game, but all the rappers that Soulja put on are one hit wonders.

Chief Keef may be a legend in Chicago, but his two hits were “I Don’t Like” and “Faneto.” And Chief Keef is one of the main reasons why ol’heads says that today’s rap game is mumble rap. A lot of people look at Lil Pump as culture appropriation, so do you really wanna boast about putting these rappers on?

Soulja said that Migos stole his beat on Versace because Zaytoven sold them the same beat. I googled “Teach Me How to Swag Part 2” and it is the same beat, but “Teach Me How to Swag Part 2” is a trash song. Versace is a hit. That is why no one noticed it was the same beat until Soulja cried about it.

Soulja talked about how Drake copied Soulja’s flow from “Kiss me Through the Phone” on Drake’s “Miss Me.” I agree Drake’s intro sounds similar, but we cannot deny that Drake has created his own style in Hip Hop. Drake’s choice of words and flow is originally. Drake’s work ethic is matched by only a handful of rappers in the game today. The real credit goes to Lil Wayne for discovering Drake.

Ever since “Crank That” died down and people started doing other dances, Soulja has been fighting to stay relevant. Soulja boast about being the first music artist on YouTube, and yet he only remains relevant through social media. Soulja’s first relevancy came back when he started beefing with Chris Brown on IG. Once it went public that the boxing match between them wasn’t happening, Soulja fell off the radar again. Now he back on the scene again through social media by arguing that he had the best comeback in 2018.

I agree that Soulja made a huge cultural movement in Hip Hop by creating “Crank That,” “Kiss Me Through the Phone,” and “Pretty Boy Swag.” Soulja started the writing names on shades swag, the Babe and Ape swag, but all that shit is gone and people moved on. Soulja keeps crying about what he accomplished in the past because he’s not producing any good music now. Soulja too busy trying to establish his gangsta image, which just keeps making himself look like a joke. Real recognize real. How much of a real nigga are you if you have to scream it on every interview?

Soulja came out with a game system called SouljaGame Console. That’s the first problem. Stop feeling like you have to put your name on everything you create. He also mentioned Soulja watch which is something I never heard of. Nobody is going to buy anything with the word Soulja on it. Soulja Boy is so worried about people recognizing him that he has to put Soulja on everything. P. Diddy didn’t call his vodka, Diddy Vodka. Jay Z didn’t call Dusse, Jay Dusse.

Soulja talked about how we support the Japanese people at PlayStation and the white people at Microsoft. First of all, PlayStation and Xbox have been developing from a team of engineers, software developers, game designers, etc. for over ten years. Soulja just took an already established gaming system and put his name on it. It’s not like Soulja built the game system himself like how Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook from coding.

Who cares that Soulja is the first rapper to come out with a game system. Game systems isn’t Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop artist create clothes, shoes, alcohol, things that are attractive in Hip Hop. And I’m not saying that rappers can’t step out the wire, but Soulja did it wrong despite how many consoles he sold.

Soulja cried about the community hating on a black entrepreneur. Just because people don’t like your system doesn’t mean they’re hating. I’m all for supporting Black products. But I’m not going to support a product just because it has a Black name on it. SouljaGame is nowhere near competing with today’s gaming systems.

Most people already have a gaming system with games, accessories, friends. People have hundreds and thousands of dollars invested in their gaming system already. No one is going to drop their investments for a gaming system that can’t even compete.

Soulja, stop living in the past. You were hot for a moment. You have done nothing original since “Crank That.” Every rapper has been inspired by another rapper. Stop boasting that people stealing your flow and appreciate that rappers felt inspired by your style. Every rapper got put on by somebody. That’s nothing special. You’re not special. The end.

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