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Faith Fitness Test

Faith Fitness Test is a metaphor for the Army’s Physical Fitness Test or also know as the Physical Readiness Test. Remember in the Bible when Paul talked about running the race, but the race isn’t physical but spiritual? Well, that is what the Faith Fitness Test is.

The APFT goes like this, every six months you have to take a test that records your strength, core, and endurance. The strength component test your upper body strength. Upper body strength is necessary for close hand combat situations and the ability to carry your battle buddy if they are wounded in war. The core component is your overall strength. Your core determines how strong your upper body is and how fast you can run. Lastly, the run is to test your endurance. Can you run long distance while maintaining a specific time cap.

In order to pass above average on the PT test you have to prepare yourself in advance. The more you exercise and prepare the more confident you will feel on the test day and the better you will perform.

This is how we should look at faith. We don’t know the day our faith will be tested, which is why it is even more important for us to exercise our faith at all times, so when the Faith Test comes we will be confident and perform greatly.

How do I exercise my faith? Well, I’m glad you asked. You exercise your faith by having a daily prayer life. If you think that there isn’t something new to pray about everyday, you’re not alone. I used to think the same until I made it a priority to pray everyday and once I did I always found something new to pray about. If you don’t have anything to pray for yourself, friends and family, or workplace, just look at the news. There is always a new conflict on the news to pray about.

Practice what you read. Read your Bible daily. Don’t worry about sitting at a desk and studying a whole chapter everyday. If you can, great. We all have obligations in life that distracts us from our faith, you have to deliberately make reading your Bible a priority.

Praying daily, reading your Bible daily, and attending weekly church services will strengthen your faith and give you the endurance needed to pass any test that comes in your life.

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