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Store Up Treasures In Heaven, But Have Some Fun on Earth.

My daily bread today says “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:2.

This means that God doesn’t want us getting caught up with trying to keep up with the Jones. Some people read too much into it and become one of those Christians who can’t wait for God to call them home and be done with this world.

I look at this verse with a balance. Do good works and love people so you can store up treasures in Heaven where years and usage will not destroy your treasures. Because real pleasure in life comes from feeling like you have a purpose and knowing that you changed someone’s life. 

Material possessions bring happiness too. We need to treat ourselves to enjoy life, but when we only desire something because we see someone else with it, thats when pain, discontentment, jealousy, envy, and misery develops. 

For example: many members of an organization I’m in drive luxury cars. I drive a S model Ford Fusion. If I let the men in my organization influence me then I’ll desire to buy a luxury car so I can feel more like I belong with the group. I know one member who bought a new Audi just because the majority of the other members drove luxury cars.

I have a friend who is single and owns a three bedroom house. Me and him came from the same career background so I could say, well, if he can afford to buy a home then I can too. And there is nothing wrong with the people around you encouraging you to make decisions, but it’ll be wrong if I bought a house as well just because I want to feel like I’m on the same level as my friend. 

If I know in my heart I’m more comfortable to rent at this time in my life then I need to stick to that and focus on doing good works for other people. 

Now, when the Bible says “Set your affection on things above,” it doesn’t mean that you should go around doing good things with merely the mindset that you’re going to get a mansion in Heaven. Don’t volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity thinking that God will build you a house in heaven  or donate 1 million to St. Jude hospital thinking that God will repay you with 1 million dollars in Heaven.

We don’t know what treasures are in Heaven. We think of houses and money, and things of riches on earth because that’s the only concept of treasures our brains can imagine. 

Some Christians be like, I’m never going to live in a mansion on earth so I’m going to think about what I can do to get a mansion in Heaven, or I’ll never be rich on earth so I’m focused on getting rich in Heaven. Thats not what the verse means.

Jesus didn’t die for our sins thinking about earning a mansion in Heaven. He died because he loved us. So every good deed we do on earth should be out of love. And, if you can’t help people out of love, or at least with good intentions, then it’s probably best to not be bothered with it at all. 

This is why America is always telling us to do what we love because your treasures are stored up where your heart is, and your best efforts will come from what you love to do. 

You can be a Christian and have nice things. God gave man gifts to create these wonderful luxuries in life, but that doesn’t mean God intended for man to believe material gain is what life is all about. God didn’t put us on earth do desire the new iPhone every year. God gave us more valuable desires than that. 

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  1. I love this! Very well put.


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