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Does Everything Happen Through God?

Most Christians I know believe that God is in control of everything which means whatever happens in this world that is good or bad God allowed it to happen, or God had a purpose for it happening. I often wonder that if we have free will, then does a lot of things happen because we choose to make it happen, and it was not willed by God for it to happen?

I watched the police interrogation of Dylan Roof, the young man who murdered nine Black Christians at a historically African American church in South Carolina. During the investigation, Roof said that he thought about backing out of the planned attack. He said when he walked in the church nobody noticed the weapon inside his fanny pack, and that he had the opportunity to leave, but chose to stay and kill nine innocent lives. Roof said he had to do it.

Was it God that made him question the decision he made? Not only he had a chance to back out of the murders, but he could have left the church without anyone knowing he attempted to kill them. Or it could have been Satan cheering him on to go through the evil act? Maybe the moments in his decision making he had an angel and a demon on his shoulders tugging at his conscience.

I also believe that Roof is proof that God creates us and that we all are made in God’s image whether we believe God exist or not. Roof isn’t absolute evil, so we know that Satan cannot create human beings. He proved that he had a conscience when he questioned his decision. He said that he wanted to kill Black people because he read some statistics about white people dying at the hands of Black people, and how many white women are raped by Black men and some other online bullshit that cost him and others their lives.

Those people at the church had nothing to do with white people being raped by African Americans or white people being killed by African Americans, but Roof felt like he had to murder Black people period for a greater cause of saving the white race from whatever turmoil he felt like was created by Black people. To society, Roof’s act was evil and senseless. To Roof, his act was for a greater good, but he also knew it was evil otherwise he wouldn’t have questioned himself.

Albeit, people question themselves for good acts too. Such as whether to giving money to a homeless man and wondering if he will buy food or drugs. Sometimes people put their faith first and give them some money, and others doubt that the person will use the money for the right reason and not give money, or they will buy them a meal. Regardless, people question themselves when they’re about to do good and evil.

I wonder if Hitler ever quested himself? I wonder if he ever thought that killing millions of Jews caused more problems than solved. I read an article that said some of Osama Ben Laden followers fought against attacking the Twin Towers. I wonder if Laden ever thought about backing out of his plan before the attack, or thought that the attack wasn’t the best method to reach his goals after the attack?

What causes people to back out of good decisions and what causes people to go through bad decisions? I remember when I was shopping for an engagement ring I got a call to come in to work to take care of some business. I rarely get called into work after hours, so a part of me didn’t think it was just my luck to get called into work while I was shopping for an engagement ring. I could have taken that as a sign from God that He didn’t want me buying an engagement ring just yet. Instead, I drove to work, then I drove back to the jewelry store and bought an engagement ring. Was it God that gave me the passion for driving back to the jewelry store, or was it my ambition?

I don’t think God deliberately tells us to do anything. God gives us gifts, but he can’t make us use them. We have to find the passion within ourselves to use our gifts. God gave me the gift of writing, but I had to choose to use my gift and write. God doesn’t give people the gift of going to prison, but most people are there because they spent more time making wrong decisions than using their spiritual gifts. So, I believe nothing can happen without God allowing it to happen, but that doesn’t mean God chose to make it happen.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

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