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Blue Lives Volunteer.

Ever since the organization “Black Lives Matter, ” started due to various shootings of unarmed, or non-hostile Black men, it seems like society has tried to make every other subject of killing “A Matter” slogan such as “All Lives Matter,” and the most recent “Blue Lives Matter” representing the recent killing of cops as a response to the recent killings of Black men.

People who use the “matter” slogan for anything other than Black Lives has misunderstood why Black Lives Matter began in the first place. Black Lives Matter because Black men are perceived as a higher threat than white men. Black Lives Matter because when white cops raised their right hand and swore to protect and serve their country, they did not visualize Black men as being a part of their country. White cops envisioned their family, their friends, fellow Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian cops, but not Black civilian men especially those living in low-income communities.

Blue Lives Matter is the most stupid phrase to date because cops are in a line of duty that may take their lives. Cops know that every day they put on their uniform that they are volunteering to possibly lose their life to better protect their community. But, some white cops do not value Black lives as much as their own, so they do not take any risk in protecting the local Black community. Some white cops see Black men as a threat to the community, so they rather eliminate what they perceive as a threat instead of risking their lives. A white cop will feel like a hero for risking his life for his fellow white man, his white women, and white children, but a Black man isn’t as valuable as his life. A Black man is a threat to the white cop’s life, a threat to his white community, and a threat to his white country.

When I read the news that five police officers were shot dead in Dallas, Texas by an angry Black man I did not condone the killing, but when cops put on their uniform, they know they are risking their lives. Cops volunteered for that position. It doesn’t matter what a Black man chooses to wear because he did not volunteer to be Black. A Black man did not raise his hand and swore to be harassed because of the color of his skin, a Black man did not raise his hand and swore to expect to be shot dead for a broken taillight. Therefore, it doesn’t matter why a cop dies. You sign up for the job you take the risk.

A Black man did not choose to be Black; God decides who He wants to be Black. When you harass and kill a Black man for the color of his skin, then you are insulting the creation of God. You are saying that God made a mistake by creating this Black man, so I am going to eliminate him from this world I did not create.

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