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When Complaining Isn’t A Bad Thing.

One Sunday my pastor preached about being thankful for what we have and seeking the positive in every situation. If you are unsatisfied with your job, then be grateful that you have a job. If you don’t like your car, then be happy to have a car. If you don’t like your dating partner, then be happy that someone finds you attractive. I get what my pastor is saying about being thankful when you don’t feel like being thankful, but I believe complaints about circumstances and situations in your life are signs that a change needs to happen.

Sometimes complaining helps us not to become complacent with our circumstances. If you complain about the job you don’t like, then it should motivate you to find a job that you do like. Complaining can encourage someone to get a college degree so they can work in a field they would enjoy, or help someone to challenge themselves for a better quality of life like going from working at a dead end job to joining the military that has a promising future.

I complain about my job a lot. It’s not that I don’t appreciate having a job, but because I know I have the potential to give myself a better quality of life. Every time I discover something I don’t like about my job it motivates me to take the necessary steps to have a career that I will enjoy doing. If you have to remind yourself to be thankful for what your job provides for you every day before you go to work, then most likely what you do for a living isn’t a passion or something you enjoy at all.

I once owned a Mercedes Benz CLK 320 2004. I hated that car. I complained about it all the time because it always had mechanical issues. I would get one issue fixed and shortly after another problem occurred. I was thankful that the car ran and got me from point A to point B, but I didn’t become complacent just because the car did it’s primary job. I traded that Benz for a newer and more cost-efficient 2014 Ford Fusion.

As for my job. Yes, I am thankful that my job provides for all my needs and most of my wants. My job pays my bills. But, I often have to remind myself of these things just to feel motivated to go to work. I don’t want to have to seek the positive for the rest of my life until I retire. I want to find the positive now.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

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