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The Real Reason You Support Gay Marriage

Since the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states I have seen many of my Facebook friends and Instagram friends post status and photos that they support marriage equality. There are so many rainbows on my timeline you would think my all my friends live in Hawaii. I believe many of my friends support gay marriage just to follow the popular vote. They may not have a reason to not support gay marriage, but they neither really know why they are supporting gay marriage other than feeling like a hypocrite or bigot or a hater by disagreeing with gay marriage.

3 comments on “The Real Reason You Support Gay Marriage

  1. Lola 😏😜

    Why is it hard to believe that someone would support gay marriage simply because they believe in equality. Is it safe to say interracial couples have the right to marry? What makes homosexual couples different? Different races or ethnicities… Different genders… All factors that identify who someone is. All factors equal in terms of prejudices.


    • You and I believe that prematrial sex is a sin, so we decide to wait until marriage, or at least try to. We believe cursing is a sin so we try not to use foul language. I recognize pornography is a sin even though I barely try to fight it. Sometimes I try to justify my reasons for watching it. The issue with homosexuals is that they do not believe they are living in sin and carry on with their ways. But, I’m not speaking on every homosexual. If someone doesn’t believe in God then they have no reason to believe they live in sin. I’m only talking about the homosexuals in the church. “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 1 Corinthians 5:12. Would you trust Bishop Henderson if he was an open alcoholic and saw no sin in his ways? But, that is just my opinion. I still believe I have no place to judge people in the church because I carry on with my sins as if they are not. I still watch pornography, and even though I’m not an alcoholic I still occasionally like to drink to get drunk. So, in God’s eyes there are greater and lesser sins, but living in sin is still a sin whether you’re a homosexual, a porn addict, or like to drink a lot even if you do not consider yourself an alcoholic.


      • I dont necessarily believe that these things are sins. Nor do I believe 1 sin is worse than another. My sins are not better than a homosexual person’s sins. My granted mercy and grace is not easier given than a homosexual person’s is.


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