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Are Christian Soldiers Soft?

During church one Sunday the Chaplain said that atheist soldiers think that Christian soldiers are soft. I thought of a few stereotypes that might cause soldiers to believe such a false statement.

1. We believe more in love and peace rather than war.

This is false. Christians are all about war. We fight a spiritual war everyday while atheists live a carefree life in their own desires. The reason you don’t hear much about Christians being enthusiastic about worldly wars because they are so worldly. Many American citizens are still confused about the war in Iraq and why terrorist groups hate Americans.

2. We don’t use foul language.

Its a stereotype that soldiers use a lot of foul language, and I have witnessed it. But, Christians do not like to use foul language not only because it is a sin, but because it also makes you sound ignorant. If soldiers could learn an intelligent word for every foul word they use then you would think that most soldiers have PhDs.

3. We are not promiscuous.

A stereotype of soldiers is that we are horny dogs. In some way it is true since the Army’s main focus is S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harrassment/Assault Response and Prevention). If Christian soldiers are not chasing women like ravage dogs then we are seen as less manly than other soldiers.

If you read the Bible you will see that throughout time Christians have been some of the most dominate and successful soldiers. Read about King David who was the only soldier brave enough to fight Goliath because of his faith in God. Read about Samson who killed thousands of men with only the jawbone of a donkey all because of his faith in God. When Samson lost faith in God he lost his strength and became weak enough for his enemies to overpower him. Being a Christian does not make you a weak or soft soldier. Having faith in God makes you stronger and gives you a greater meaning in war than what little information our government tells us.

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