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Do You Love Your Job?

Do you love your job? If so, that is great because I don’t. I don’t hate my job, but it is a stepping stone to the career I want and it pays well. I once was looking through my Instagram and came across a photo of Kevin Hart on the set of his new movie The Wedding Crashers. In the caption it read #ILoveMyJob. It got me wondering how many people actually love their job? Because jobs are not meant to make people happy, which is why people must get paid and have benefits for the jobs they do. If most people loved their jobs then they would still be happy doing it for free.

For example: I love writing. I’m happy writing this article. No one is paying me to write this article. I pay money every year just to post this article on my personal website. Of course, I would like my writing to make income someday, but I am also content if I do it for free forever.

I am an American soldier, and soldiers are paid well and receive better benefits than most civilian jobs on heath insurance, dental care, and married soldiers get extra money for housing allowance. This shows that no one is going to risk their life for free. This is why soldiers receive great benefits for themselves and their families because our jobs are high risk, so the government has to offer great benefits and paychecks so that soldiers can focus on their mission and not have to worry about feeding their families.

If you do love your job then you probably did more hard work than just submitting an application and performing a good interview. I’m not saying that people who have submitted an application for their job cannot love what they do. I’m saying that if you get paid to be a rock star because most people would love to be a rock star then you have to have a love for music before you start getting paid to perform.

Most people would love to be a rock star, but most people are not willing to do all the hard work that it takes to make it a living. There are many sleepless nights, long hours of recording and rehearsing, scheduling gigs, finding loyal managers, speading what little money you made from your first few gigs to put gas in the van so you can drive to more gigs. The rock star life featured on MTV looks glamorous but the process to achieving that lifestyle is tedious; therefore, you must love music in order to eventually be paid to do it, or you will give up in the process and find something that you do love to do.

If you do not love your job then you probably are staying because it provides for your family, or you’re afraid that you will also dislike your next job. Not everybody can live a dream job. Some people do not love the work that they do, but they love the financial security, the benefits, and the co-workers that their job provides.

Don’t think that because you do not achieve your dream job when you expect to that you don’t love it enough. It could be due to circumstances out of your control, but when you pursue a dream job think about whether you’re just fantasizing yourself at the peak of the job, or do you truly love your dream enough to be content with the process of achieving something that is hard to get paid for.

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