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Can We All Live A Dream Job?


I was scanning through my Instagram feed and came across comedian Kevin Hart’s photo. He was acting on the set of Ride Along 2. One of the hashtags in the caption read #ILoveMyJob. That got me wondering if I love my job because we all compare our lives to others on social media. Can I post a photo on Instagram with me smiling in an Army uniform sitting at a desk as a Human Resource Specialist?

Instagram can be dangerous because we sometimes cannot help but compare our lives to the ones we see on social media. Especially when we are having a bad day and we see our photos or posts of our friends seemingly having perfect life, even with the possibility that it is a facade and that they only show the public the “perfect” moments of their lives.

I wonder how many people in America can honestly say that they love their job. Whether you label your source of income as a job or a career may say a lot already before you even begin contemplating what you like or don’t like about how you make a living.

I am a United States soldier. Do I love what I do? There are things I like and do not like about my career, but its not my dream job, so you will not find me posting photos online of how much I love being a soldier. What I do love is how the military is a stepping stone to the career I want as a civilian.

In the Army I work in Human Resources. Before I joined the Army the majority of my jobs were in the food industry. I hated working in the food industry, and I always dreamed of working in a comfortable, air conditioned desk job, which I have now. Therefore, I am content with my career. Even though I have my desk job it is still in a military setting, which is not what I had in mind after I graduated from college. I joined the military because it would provide me with the skills to get a desk job when I go back to the civilian world.

I can’t say I love my job, but I am content with what I have, which is far better than hating my job even though I have not yet reached my dream job. I am confident that my dream job will come in the future, but can everyone achieve their dream job, or are some people destined to work just to survive and provide?

There are many factors to why some people will never achieve their dream job.

Your dream job is too farfetched. Some people are too naive to make their dream job a reality. They want to be a CEO of a company, an athlete, actor, musician, but lack a realistic plan, lack realistic talent, and are just sitting and waiting for someone to hand them a golden ticket to their dreams.

Peoples’ decisions ruin their chance to make their dreams come true. If you have an unplanned baby in high school then maybe your dreams of attending an elite college are cut off. If you want to be a professional athlete but cannot stop smoking weed (even though some professional athletes smoke weed) then you are hindering your skills to grow. If you want to be a soldier, but have a criminal record then the recruiters are not going to let a criminal into an organization designed for honorable citizens.

The reason Kevin Hart lives his dream job is because at some point in his life he realized what talent he has, made realistic goals, and did not let friends or other life trials stop him from his goals. Living your dream job is not like trying to win a lottery ticket. Some peoples’ life stories seem like it was more luck than hard work, but for the majority of us we can achieve our dream jobs by knowing what our greatest talents are, setting realistic goals, and not letting the trials of life stop us on the road to success.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

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