Whats Your Reality?

I’m Black and I haven’t experienced racism and oppression. When I tell other Black people this they take it as I don’t believe racism and oppression exist. I believe it exist, it just don’t exist in my reality.

It’s good that Black people like to stick together, but it’s also an issue because all Black people are no longer oppressed to specific schools, neighborhoods, incomes, and so on. Black people have more opportunities to thrive in America and that separates the Black community’s income, living locations, and life experiences.

I believe I have more control on preventing police brutality by my actions than experiencing police brutality just because I’m Black. I always catch heat from Black people when I say this as if I’m not Black enough because I don’t fear the police, or as if I’m saying all police brutality is the victim’s fault.

I’m not saying that police brutality can’t happen to me and I’m collaborating every police brutality case into a single belief that it’s the victim’s fault.

See, the issue is that social media got us living through everybody’s reality. We log onto Facebook and Instagram and see everyone else’s life and allow their lives to affect ours in the worst way.

We see someone buy a house and we feel inadequate because we can’t afford a house yet so we must not be striving for success enough. We see videos of Black people getting shot by the police and suddenly we have this great fear of getting shot by the police ourselves.

I don’t take a Black person getting shot by the police and believe that it can happen to me just because I’m Black just as I don’t look at former President Barrack Obama and believe that I can become the President just because I’m Black.

For the most part there are actions that have to happen to get shot by the police just as there are actions that have to happen to become the President. Neither of them happen just for being Black.

If I get pulled over for speeding and the cop decides to shoot me just because I’m Black then that’s a different story.

If you comment crime, then resist arrest, you don’t deserve to die, but sometimes people pay the ultimate price for their actions.

Just like sometimes people die from texting and driving. Doesn’t mean they deserved to die from texting and driving, but death is the ultimate price to pay for texting and driving. Should everyone fear that they’ll die in a car crash? No, if you take responsibility for your actions and not text and drive.

When I read a story about a Black person getting killed by the police and I learn that that person came into contact with the police because they committed a crime, then fear for myself minimizes because this person didn’t come into contact with the police just for being Black, they came into contact for committing a crime. So if I don’t commit crimes then I’m less likely to come into contact with the police.

When I read that that Black person got shot by the police and learn that the Black person resisted arrest and gave the cops a hard time, I’m not justifying their death but imagine whats going through the cop’s mind when a suspect doesn’t want to go to jail. Are the cops suppose to let the suspect go home just because they want to? Are the cops suppose to let the suspect go so they won’t act violently? Usually when a suspect doesn’t want to go to jail then either the cops are going to die and the suspect gets away, or the suspect dies trying.  

I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood where police frequently patrolled. I never seen a Black person get roughed up by the police. I been pulled over once by a white cop and I was driving in a car full of Black men. We were driving back to campus from a party. The driver remained calm and complied with the cop. Everyone in the car kept their hands visible, and we all we home just fine.

Yeah, I was nervous because we were Black, but I had no reason to fear that we were going to die. I was more so scared because we had a few drinks at the party. We only got pulled over because the driver didn’t have his headlights on.

I know that there are Black people who been harassed for no reason, complied with orders, and still found trouble. My wife and her friends got accused of throwing something at a cop car, and a white guy took the blame just to get the cop off their backs.

That’s her reality and her experience shaped how she feels about cops.

Lil Wayne’s experience with cops is being saved by a white cop when he shot himself in the chest as a kid. The cops that ran past him were Black. Lil Wayne’ been a celebrity since a teen, so most of the cops he been around were there to protect him—not harass him. Lil Wayne said that the majority of faces he seen at his concerts were colors of everybody—white, black, brown, yellow. Lil Wayne’s reality is that cops save lives and that racism is over for the most part. But people will call him a coon or say that he ain’t woke because his Black experience doesn’t fit the narrative.

Growing up my mom always taught me how to act around police. I believe that has a lot to do with not having encounters with the police because I knew that I better avoid them. Many of these police brutality cases ain’t all about a racist cop out to kill Black folk. If so then yeah I’d be scared for my life but a factor in many of these cases is about niggas growing up with no guidance.

If I commit a crime and resist arrest, I don’t expect a protest regardless of the outcome. I didn’t want to go to jail and died trying. Bury me a G.

1 comment on “Whats Your Reality?

  1. 1. WOW: “niggas growing up with no guidance”….. WOW. 2. “If I commit a crime and resist arrest, I don’t expect a protest regardless of the outcome. I didn’t want to go to jail and died trying. Bury me a G.” I feel like this is sarcasm lol??? 3. The one thing you said, that is vital to how I’m viewing the entire post, is that our reality is the key difference. Our reality is made of our personal experiences and perceptions… your opinions are based on what has been real for you. I cannot fault you for your viewpoint, but I have to say I do think it is a bit naïve. I definitely do not agree with most of your points lol, but I think you made the most valid point at the beginning, which set the tone for the article: it is based off your experience and perceptions.

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