The Only Way for Black People to Rise!

White people didn’t rise to power by protesting. Colonialism, slavery and slave trading, Indian removal, manifest destiny, colonization, the Ku Klux Klan, Chinese exclusion, disenfranchisement, Jim Crow, eugenics, massive resistance, “law and order,” Islamophobia, family separation—all were done in the name of defending life or civilization or freedom for white people.

Colonizers “discovered” America in the 1400s when there were no world governments with the technology to monitor what everyone else was doing. If Europeans tried to annihilate indigenous Americans like in the 1940s, the time when Hitler tried to kill off all the Jews in Germany, then they probably would have been stopped with a war from a country that determined what they were doing was evil. Or, maybe the indigenous people would have had the technology to defend themselves.

White people are an inherently violent race. Not saying all white people are inherently violent, but the race as a whole is inherently violent. White people are the farthest from the original people, so I assume that had influenced their spirituality and connection with God. The farther you are from God’s original creation the easier you are to be manipulated to do evil.

But, Black people can’t simply go around killing white people. We don’t even know which white people to kill because there are many white allies supporting Black lives. Black people can’t go around killing white cops because many Black cops and nonwhite cops will end up being killed as well. Unless Black people are okay with killing Black cops for the greater cause.

Its too late for Black people to come out on top. There are too many laws and hierarchies dominated by white people for Black people to become the leaders of America. That’s why there are memes saying that Black people don’t want revenge, we want equality. We only don’t want revenge because we know there is no chance to obtain it.

But, I don’t believe in this equality talk either. Even white people who support Black Lives Matter cannot be trusted because the movement still makes white people feel superior. BLM makes white people feel like they are using their superiority to help the inferior race as if they’re some kind of superheroes using their superpowers to help the people with no power, which is sadly true.

White people don’t truly want equality because if Black and white people are on an equal playing field then that gives the opportunity for Black people to rise above the white race and become the leaders of America.

Most white people may not want to see Black people get unjustly shot by the police, but they damn sure don’t want to wake up in the morning going to work for a Black boss, voting for two Black presidential candidates, and getting arrested by Black police for breaking the Black laws.

Equality went out the window when Adam and Eve fell to sin. See, God originally created man and woman to be equal. When God made Eve from Adam, He didn’t give the woman a name. The man was named Adam and the woman was named Adam, they were one. After Adam, the man and Adam, the woman ate from the forbidden tree is when Adam named the woman Eve and they became two different people. And Adam had to rule over Eve because they knew from good and evil. So, until the end of Earth’s existence there will be a battle between which race rules over the other race.

If it’s not race then it’ll be the rich ruling over the poor. And before you know it we’ll have a female President running America. It already almost happened. Not saying that hierarchies are necessary a bad thing, but white people need to sit down because they have abused power since the beginning of time.

White people created this whole race issue. If they had enslaved certain white people too, then there wouldn’t be such a huge race problem. But I do see race problems getting better eventually, and then it’ll be capitalism vs socialism, and the Black community will disperse between the rich and the poor. You’ll see a lot more Black people becoming open Republicans to protect their riches.

I’m sure nobody is expecting perfect equality, but how much equality is enough? How much unjust police killings is enough? Because I guarantee that as long as there is a police force then there will be white cops shooting and killing black people. It all depends on if it’s caught on video or if the media still cares about this social issue to make the report go viral.

If you want real equality then you have to live in Space where there is no gravity and everyone is floating the same, so height and weight means nothing. And everyone has nothing. Just a never ending empty space.

1 comment on “The Only Way for Black People to Rise!

  1. Um…. well, you are definitely entitled to your opinion, and I respect you having your own view on things!


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