I Agree, Politics Isn’t For Cardi B.

It takes a certain type of person to be in politics. You have to be educated, articulate, healthy looking (no one wants a fatass President), someone who doesn’t have a past or present that can be easily used to attack their capability to be a leader.

Cardi B has no formal education in politics or in anything, she is not articulate with her words (not saying she can’t talk, just saying she likes to use slang), and she has a past and present that can be easily ridiculed.

Cardi B got into a Twitter argument with Candice Owens. Owens is educated, articulate, does not have a past or present that questions her character or potential leadership, and she is a damn good debater regardless if you agree with her politics. If Cardi seriously wants to get into politics then she should ease her way in and not argue with people with more experience and knowledge than her.

Owens was right about Joe Biden using Cardi B. If anyone believes that Biden interviewed with Cardi B because he thought she was a valuable political resource then you are foolish. Biden merely used Cardi B to gain more influence in the Black community because he believes that we’re all sheep who will support anyone who is down for the culture.

Cardi is a former stripper. America is the land of the free, but there’s still principalities to this. You can’t be a former stripper and a future politician especially if you’re a woman of color. Cardi has bragged about drugging men and stealing their money. Cardi currently has the #1 vulgar song on the Billboard chart called WAP. The vulgar in her lyrics outdo Lil Kim. You can find videos of Cardi dancing naked.

That is not someone who America wants to lead them, but it’s perfectly fine for someone who wants to be in the rap game where she is.

Cardi has no place in politics and that is not an attack, that is just a fact. I agree with The Hodge Twins and Candice Owens when they said that Cardi should stick to rapping. And she should stick to beefing with Nicki Minaj, someone who is on her playing field and battle. Going against Candice Owens in a field that isn’t for you will only leave you embarrassed.

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