Only Black People Can Fix Black Problems.

I’ve been researching viewpoints on Republican and Democrat ideologies. Specifically, I been listening to the views of some Black Conservatives.

Here is what I believe is the difference between a Democratic mindset and a Republican mindset. Democrats will tell you that racism, oppression, and white privilege is the reason why people of color cannot get over many glass ceilings in America so they need the big government to take care of all their needs.

The Republican mindset is that people mostly oppress themselves by believing they are hindered from opportunities because of race or economic status. That the only privilege that matters is American privilege. Every American citizen has the freedom and privilege to compete in the free market and build the life that they want.

I grew up in a Democratic household. My uncle is a former Democrat House Representative for the state of Tennessee. I voted for Barack Obama simply because he was Black. I have no idea what he did for this country or for the Black community because back in 2008 I was a high school graduate focusing on college and girls—not politics.

Today, I’m leaning toward the Conservative side of politics. I’m not going to say that oppression doesn’t exist but I’m not going to live my life feeling like I’m hindered from certain opportunities because I’m Black. Growing up in a middle class home has provided me with privileges that many poor white people did not have growing up. I cannot remember a time in my life when I felt like an opportunity was taken from me because of the color of my skin.

I understand that there are many people of color who have experiences of oppression and racism. I know that many people of color are offered less money for jobs than white people, and if you’re a woman of color the salary gap can be even worse.

When I joined the Army I heard a story of a retired Navy Seal who said that becoming a Seal took him longer because the white man tried to hold him back.

The difference with him is that he did not allow the racism and oppression be the end point of his goals. He did not allow someone or a system to tell him he was not capable of achieving a position because of the color of his skin.

I also understand that everyone reacts to situations differently. I can understand how knowing that someone tried to take a goal away from you because of your skin color can discourage you and make you feel like you don’t belong in America, or that this country is set up for people of color to fail. But, that is only true if you allow that narrative to come true.

I remember when the social distancing started in March 2020. Millions of people lost jobs and no one was hiring. I was set to get out of the Army in July 2020 but I didn’t want to get out and make me and my wife homeless because I couldn’t find a job. I had a decision to either leave the Army or reenlist. I called my parents for advice and my dad suggested that I reenlist even if some companies are hiring because “the Black man is always the last to get hired.”

It really bothered me that my dad would tell me that. I don’t believe he said it to be malicious. Maybe he actually felt like some opportunities were taken from him by being Black. But, at the same time that is an oppressive mindset. That is the mindset that the Democratic party wants Black people to have.

I know the world doesn’t owe me anything, but I would like to think that my efforts mean something. I don’t want to live my life believing that despite my 6 years of military service and my Master’s degree in Human Resources mean nothing because I’m going to be the last one hired because I’m Black. I might as well vote for a Socialist society since my skin color hinders me from achieving the American Dream.

I want to have a capitalist mindset. I want to live a life knowing that my competitiveness will earn me the life I desire. I want to have a mindset that being born in America gives me American privilege.

Being born poor will prevent you from more privileges than being Black. The Bible says poor people will be with us always. Matthew 11:26. American privilege is having the freedom to an education no matter your social, racial, or economic status so you can read words of Wisdom and decide how you won’t be one of those poor people.

I used to think that the Democratic party is for Black people and that the Republican Party is for rich white people. Technically, the Democrats believe in Socialism to protest the poor and the Republicans believe in Capitalism to protect American tradition. It just so happen that most Black people are poor, and the Dems control the media which controls how the world is perceived, which controls our emotions.

Because Black people are extremely emotional people. We always talking about what the white people did to us, what they’re still doing to us. We still asking for reparations and blaming inner city crimes on white people forcing us into ghettos and pouring drugs in our neighborhoods. These are important moments in Black history that needs to be continually taught to generations, but lets not allow our history be excuses to be victims.

We’re not getting reparations. I’m sick of talking about reparations because it only stirs up emotions that go nowhere. No Black person today has any idea what it’s like to be a slave and most Black people don’t even know who their slave ancestors were.

Even though white people put us in ghettos and introduced cocaine and meth in our neighborhoods, the question is why are we still blaming our actions on what the white man did? The reason is that Democrats wants Black people to blame white people, to blame America for all of our problems, so the Democrats can control us and tell us how they gone fix us.

Even if the white man is to blame for the hard drugs in Black neighborhoods, we now know how detrimental these hard drugs are so why are we still selling these drugs in our neighborhoods? We took what the white man gave to us and ran with it.

Hopefully, I don’t come off as insensitive or make it seem like our problems are easy fixes. What I do believe is that we recognize our problems. We recognize the white man’s involvement in our problems, so lets stop the blame game fix our problems.

Cameron Armstrong graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in English: Writing and a minor in Womens Studies. He created ArmstrongTimes to express his opinion on Relationships, Social Issues, and Spirituality.

2 comments on “Only Black People Can Fix Black Problems.

  1. Joyce Reid

    We’ll have to talk about this writing. You said quite a bit that I’d like to pick your brain about. But I will ask, have you asked your father why he made that comment? I guarantee he has seen and experienced much from white folk in his lifetime. What in your research tells you black folk are ‘extremely emotional’? Are they anymore emotional than white folks?


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