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Too Many Possessions​ Bring Pain.

I realized how having a lot of stuff sucks when me and my wife moved to another state. We’re not even hoarders and we have no kids, but when the movers started unloading boxes in our new home we felt overwhelmed. 

Its been over a week and we’re still getting things unpacked and we need furniture that we didn’t have in our old apartment, so putting new furniture together is a strain added to the unpacking. 

Moving is a tedious and stressful process for most people, but the more stuff you have the more stress you’ll feel. My wife is a perfectionist and I’m more laidback. This is a big problem when considering moving into a new apartment.

When we first moved into our apartment my wife found so many things that needed cleaning. For me, if I can’t see the dirt and it don’t stink then it’s pretty clean to me. This caused arguments because Ashleigh would be super busy cleaning and I would be standing around wondering why are we sitting in this apartment all day, lets get out and enjoy the new city. 

Once I started my new job I would come home and get on my video game. My wife was mad because she felt like there were so many things to clean up and organize in the apartment and she felt like she was doing it all by herself. I know that I’m not as organized and neat as my wife but I thought I was helping out enough to make the move-in process balanced. Apparently, I wasn’t, which caused a huge argument between us. 

The argument got me thinking that if we didn’t have so much stuff then it wouldn’t take us over a week to get moved-in. So, I started to get rid of as much as I could. If I hadn’t wore it or used it in over a year then I got rid of it.

I used to have a dream of having bookcases filled with books. But let us be honest, who really rereads books? Buying used books used to be my hobby, but that’s because there wasn’t a good library in my town. In my new city I found a really good library and I saw many books I bought already. No need to spend money on books I’ll only read once when I can rent them for free.

When I visited my hometown after four years I found that my parents sold all my books that I collected through college. At first I was livid. Those were books that I spend money on and my parents reaped all the profits on them. If those books were going to be sold then it should have been me who sold them. They also gave away all the clothes I had in my closet after I moved out. 

Their reasoning was that they needed to clean the house out and get rid of extra stuff. My parents will live in that house until their death, so getting rid of unnecessary things isn’t just about making moving around easier, but it’s also about making your home more peaceful to live in. 

At the end of the day I’m happy that someone in greater need gets to have some nice designer clothes for the winter and other people get to enjoy some good reads. The more people are in their homes reading a book the less likely they’re out in the world causing trouble, lol.

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