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3 Ways To Be An Effective Manager​.

It takes time to develop yourself as an effective manager. First, you have to learn how to follow. If you have an attitude of being unable to follow, then you won’t have what it takes to lead. Even when you do get promoted to a management position, you won’t know everything there is to know about managing employees.

I’ve had some good managers in my life, but even more horrible managers, and you will learn more about leadership from the managers you don’t like than from the managers you do like because you will think more about your horrible bosses than your good bosses. If you hated how your boss treated you today, then you are more likely to think about what pissed you off on your way home. If your boss was awesome to you today, then you’re not thinking about your boss after work, you’re thinking about whatever fun stuff you want to do after hours. So here are a few pointers on how to effectively manage your employees.

1. Do not publicly criticize your employees.

One of the quickest ways for your employees to lose their trust in you is to criticize them in front of coworkers. If your employee is not performing to the standard, then that is what counseling is for, and take the employee to a private room and discuss the issues.

2. Don’t speak negatively about your employees in the workplace.

Whatever you have to say about your employees to coworkers should be positive. As the saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. Now, you may have some bad employees and the negative things you say about them are true, but that goes back to point number 1, counsel them privately.

You never know who is listening on your conversation, including the person you’re talking about. Not only does it discourage your employees, but it also makes you look bad as a manager. An effective manager manages, so instead of wasting time gossiping about your employees, you could be training your employees’ performance. Your employees are a reflection of your managing skills. If your employees are garbage, then you’re a garbage manager. Apples don’t fall far from trees in the workplace.

3. Compliment more than you criticize

Complimenting can make a huge difference in your employees work ethic and daily mood. Compliment in the middle of the shift to help your employees finish strong, and compliment at the end of the shift to give your employees encouragement to come back the next day and work just as hard. If your employees’ performance is lacking one day, then try to figure out if something is going on in their personal life or in the workplace that is causing them to not perform to the standard. Don’t immediately assume that they’re just slacking off.


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